We have built ambipolar dual-gate WSe2 thin film transistors and measured them in cascaded logic gates, published in ACS Nano! The lead graduate student on the work is Xintong Li, who recently successfully defended his Ph.D., and it was done in close collaboration with Joseph S. Friedman and Deji Akinwande.

The most exciting parts are 1) the 2D devices are designed so they can be cascaded into circuits, without needing to insert any devices between the 2D gates, and 2) we demonstrate the Vt-drop circuit for the first time, which leverages the ambipolar control to cut in half the number of devices in the circuit compared to traditional FETs.

This project exemplifies my over-arching research objective to leverage the physical behavior of new materials and devices as they are, rather than try to fit them into the mold of other technologies. WSe2 is naturally ambipolar, so it is great to make that useful.

The work is supported by the US National Science Foundation.

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